WHO does Chan think she is?



Good on Charles Tannock. The Conservative MEP, who was over here to scoop a gong for championing Taiwan’s cause a few weeks back, heads the European’s Parliament’s Friends of Taiwan group, which has just issued something of a verbal bitch slap to that ghastly old harridan at the WHO Margaret Chan.

In a missive signed by 20 MEPs that comes on the heels of similar criticism  from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Tannock demands that Chan reverse the WHO’s policy of referring to some mystery entity known as “Taiwan, Province of China.”

Let’s leave aside the water-muddying conflation of the nomenclature issue with that of Taiwan’s perennially failed bid for entry to the health body – an obviously much more serious issue.

Tannock fairly points out that neither UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, nor the WHA’s corresponding resolution 25.1 make any reference to Taiwan’s status or connection to the PRC. The thing is, you might just as well argue that there is, therefore, nothing stopping international bodies calling Taiwan what they like. Still, the point remains that the WHO is clearly meddling beyond its remit.

Tannock writes to Chan: “As DG of WHO, you are responsible for the internal policy of referring to Taiwan as a province of China. You are also a citizen of, and were nominated for your post by, the People’s Republic of China.”

The letter concludes (can you guess what it is yet?): “WHO’s continued insistence on referring to Taiwan as a province of China therefore not only undermines the organisation’s credibility but risks calling into question your personal impartiality and integrity.”

The dozing canine that the Greens have been refusing to let recline is what really happened when Taiwan finally got observer status at the WHA in 2009. Most of the evidence does point to government capitulation on the issue, which is sad but unsurprising.

 As for Chan, unfortunately, I shouldn’t think the daft mare is all that fussed about her integrity being called into question. She’s got more than enough previous where Taiwan is concerned.

And, we should recall that this is the same woman who just last year painted a chipper picture of healthcare in North Korea, straight-faced observing that there was no sign of the obesity that was emerging elsewhere in Asia.

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