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    • Would Confucius Support the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan? April 17, 2014
      "Children should bow to their parents, students should pay respect to their teachers, and people should obey the government. As a result, the students' resistance must be wrong." […]
      I-fan Lin
    • Residents Rescue Two Baby Otters in Taiwan April 11, 2014
      Two baby Eurasian otters were found on the island of Kinmen after their nest was destroyed by construction work. […]
      I-fan Lin
    • #CongressOccupied Protesters Reject Taiwanese President's Proposed Solution April 5, 2014
      Members of the #CongressOccupied movement called President Ma's plan for a trade agreement monitoring system "empty, insincere and deceptive". […]
      I-fan Lin
    • Taiwan's Sunflower Movement on Reddit April 4, 2014
      Four Taiwanese students joining the Sunflower Movement opened an Ask Me Anything on Reddit to answer questions regarding their protest against the closed-door trade deal with China. Written by I-fan Lin · comments (1) Donate · Share: facebook · twitter · googleplus · reddit · StumbleUpon · delicious […]
      I-fan Lin
    • Designing Taiwan's #CongressOccupied Protests April 1, 2014
      Taiwanese designers have actively contributed to the movement against a controversial trade deal with China by creating ads, banners and clothing. […]
      I-fan Lin