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    • Protesters in Taiwan Rally Against Nuclear Power March 24, 2015
      As many as 45,000 people in Taiwan protested plans to extend the service lives of the country's two oldest nuclear power stations. […]
      I-fan Lin
    • Worst Drought In A Decade Hits Taiwan March 10, 2015
      As a subtropical/tropical island, Taiwan usually covers with wetness and green. However, last year, there were only two typhoons, the island is now facing the worst drought in a decade. Independent reporter Chu Shu Chuan reported that the storage of 12 major reservoirs is reduced to less than 50%, according... […]
      I-fan Lin
    • Were Taiwanese Media Too Quick to Deem Doomed TransAsia Pilots Heroes? February 14, 2015
      Some netizens thought Taiwanese media coverage of the TransAsia plane crash, which killed at least 40 people, was too sensational. […]
      Timmy Shen
    • Male University Students in Taiwan Wear Skirts to Support Transgender Community February 4, 2015
      "I cannot help but feel sad. What makes us be so overcome with negative feelings when we see a minority who is different from us?" […]
      I-fan Lin
    • What is Sinology? December 12, 2014
      Sinology is still unknown to many people, as Isma Ruiz writes after attending the I International Congress of Sinology in Spanish, last June at the University of Tamkang – Tamsui, Taiwan. Although the focus was translation and interpretation of classic Chinese books, the necessity of learning a new language when... […]
      Gabriela García Calderón