Taiwan’s Ukrainian community shows a little goes a long way

The following article appeared in today’s Taipei Times:

Ukrainians are nothing if not determined. The Russian invasion of their country and atrocities against its population has made that clear. Taiwan’s small Ukrainian community and its supporters have also demonstrated their doggedness this week through a campaign to have a performance by a pro-Putin opera singer canceled.

Following a sustained social media and e-mail campaign involving volunteers from the nongovernmental organization Taiwan Stands With Ukraine (TSWU, 台灣烏克蘭陣線), the National Symphony Orchestra agreed to call off a concert by Russian soprano Anna Netrebko set for March 5 at National Taiwan Concert Hall.

The cancellation came just hours after the NSO had issued a statement justifying its decision to book Netrebko, who — until it started to jeopardize her career — was fawning in her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ahead of the 2018 presidential elections in Russia, Netrebko said it was “impossible to think of a better president for Russia” having previously gushed over his “strong, male energy.”

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