Taiwan comparisons resonate among Ukrainian residents

The following piece appeared on Ketagalan Media’s website:

In the build-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, parallels with Taiwan’s situation were frequently mentioned in international media. Following British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments at the Munich Security Conference on February 19 that the echo of an unchallenged invasion “will be heard in Taiwan,” Taipei was quick to point out the differences between the two situations.

At a February 23 meeting of the Ukraine task force set up under the National Security Council (NSC), Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen noted that there were fundamental geopolitical differences between Taiwan and Ukraine.

For once, Beijing sang a similar tune. “Taiwan is not Ukraine,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on the same day as the NSC meeting. Predictably, though, the lyrics were very different. “Taiwan has always been an inalienable part of China. This is an indisputable legal and historical fact,” Hua added.

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