Democratic maneuvers in the twilight (review of ‘Democracy and Rule of Law in China’s Shadow’ for Taipei Times)

The following book review appeared in today’s Taipei Times:

For those countries and states unfortunate enough to lie within China’s penumbral fringes, “the space within which democracy and the rule of law operate is fraught with tensions.”

This observation from Amy Barrow’s conclusion to this fine collection summarizes the unifying preoccupation of the book’s 11 chapters. Whether the topic is Taiwan’s same-sex marriage controversy, communitarianism in Singapore or the UN’s failure to develop a human right to democracy, China — as the title suggests — is always an ominous presence.

Readers familiar with the previous collection edited by Brian Christopher Jones — Law and Politics of the Taiwan Sunflower and Hong Kong Umbrella Movements (2017) — can expect analysis of a similar quality here. Indeed, as it covers those movements, this book can be seen as, if not a sequel, then a partner volume to the earlier work.

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