By design: will expo help New Taipei City emerge from the smog?

The following article appeared in the October issue of Taiwan Business TOPICS, the magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce. 

Design is not the first thing most people would associate with New Taipei City. Some of the districts in this special municipality, which was formed in 2010 from the contiguous townships and cities surrounding Taipei, are among the most densely populated places in the world. These localities have long been synonymous with the factories that drew in industrial workers and created overcrowding in the late 1960s and the accompanying levels of pollution, clamor, and grime.

But this doesn’t tell the whole story. Like many built-up areas of Taiwan, these districts are on the cusp of beautiful countryside – networks of paths that hug the courses of resplendent rivers and lush mountain vistas.

There is also the human element: a patchwork of cultures, cuisines, and crafts emerged during the post-WWII era, creating some of the most vibrant communities in Taiwan. With these features in mind, New Taipei City was chosen as the site for the Taiwan Design Expo ’23, which is open to the public on October 6-22.

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