Visit the Palace Museum in Southeast China’s Taiwan

Andromeda shackled to the rock. The statue is part of a visiting exhibition from the Louvre, a museum based in Paris, Western Europe's France.

Not content with lumbering Taiwan with a string of farcical designations, including Chinese Taipei for most internationally-sanctioned events (even on home turf),  Taiwan, Province of China all over the Internet, and the ridiculously clunky Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu at the WTO, Xinhua recently decided to go one further.

A colleague alerted me to this slideshow on the Louvre exhibition currently on show at the National Palace Museum, which informs readers that the event is taking place in “Taipei, Southeast China’s Taiwan.” Nice. I was initially surprised that Xinhua’s beady-eyed subs had allowed the “National” part of the museum’s name to slip through the net until I checked again. They hadn’t.

Dear me.

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