Representing for 2011

Fisticuffs from a more genteel era


The end of the year sees the papers – the UK rags at least – obsessively cobbling together lists. Top 10 This. Best of That. It’s mostly dross. But returning from a New Year’s Eve lunchtime Asahi (#1 on the Best Low-end 7-11 Beers list for 2010) this immediately drew my attention: 

As I tittered through the first couple of snaps, I was slowly gripped by a mild panic. Here I was on photo #4 and that internationally-renowned repository of parliamentary scufflery, our own dear Legislative Yuan, had yet to feature. 

And, then, there it was – a vision of pandemonian beauty; admittedly not as dodgy and disorganized as the Nigerians, as brutish as the Ukrainians, or as film-noire shady as the Italians, but there in all its ramshackle-melee, bian-dang-at-10-paces glory, nonetheless. 

 With the Ukraine showing up in four of the eight photos, though, the New Year resolution for our honourable lawmakers: Must try harder.

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