On the Cards: Taiwan’s Dating App Scam of Choice

“I’m waiting for you, handsome guy,” Little Mi Mi messages. “Don’t you want me? Hurry up! Give me your phone number.”

This latest in a string of formulaic missives comes through as I loiter on a dank street corner, poorly wired neon signs fizzling overhead like cicadas drowning in bucket of soda. It’s spitting and thunder is cracking. A typhoon leers.

“Phone number! Quickly, give it me.” The messages don’t let up. “You don’t want to play? Little sister is tired. If you don’t want to play, Mi Mi is going to bed.”

About an hour ago, Mi Mi hit me up with a wink on the dating app Skout. This was seconds after I had checked her profile. Before I knew it, she was asking me to friend her on Line – East Asia’s messaging app of choice – and bombarding me with photos to ratchet up the titillation that began with her profile picture.

[Full article at The News Lenhere.]

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