In Trump we trust

The following feature appeared in today’s Taipei Times:

Michael Yeun, a Taiwanese-American independence activist and Trump supporter speaks at a rally in support of the outgoing US president on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei on Saturday January 2, 2021. The banner in front of him translates as “Support Trump, protect Taiwan.”

Taipei rally sees eclectic gathering united in support of outgoing US president

Things get off to strange start as the gathering on Ketagalan Boulevard takes shape from 1:30pm on Saturday. A gathering of pro-Taiwan independence groups and activists marching in support of outgoing US President Donald Trump seems odd enough. But the wild-eyed fellow who accosts me before the banners are even unfurled is next-level weirdness.

Balding, with a long, greasy wisp of hair straggling from below his cartoon-character-emblazoned face mask, he conveys a sense of urgency as he approaches.

“Americans — it’s your fault!” he declares

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As the the rally began to take shape alongside the walls of Taipei Guesthouse, this Buddhist nun expressesd her view that Buddhists were for Trump, just like America’s Christians,




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