Hand in glove: Taiwan-born movie star branches out to chart his own course

The following article appeared in today’s Taipei Times:

Ignacio Huang (黃勝煌) is a puppet master. But unlike Argentina’s political operators, he doesn’t pull strings. “It’s glove puppetry,” says Huang of budaixi (布袋戲, traditional Taiwanese puppetry), which in recent years has replaced the big screen as his bread and butter.

Ahead of legislative elections in Argentina tomorrow, the two types of manipulation — physical and figurative — intersected last week, as Huang performed on Friday at a comedor — a lunch-providing school for disadvantaged children — paid for by the ruling Frente de Todos (Front for All) coalition, which controls the Buenos Aires Province legislature, and then on Sunday at a festival at Rosedal de Palermo park funded by the opposition Juntos Por El Cambio (Together For Change), which holds the balance of power in the city government.

Were the performances organized with the vote in mind?

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