Dawdling Shoes

Children are natural poets. The title is straight from my elder boy’s mouth; the inspiration from every unselfish minute he gives me.

For Herb. 

Maudlin Dawdlin’ Shoes by Abu

Dawdling Shoes (2008) 

Dawdling shoes,

Scuffed on the kerb,



Tufted-duck hair,

Sleepy-dust lingers

In sweet almond eyes,

‘I am mole …’

All the way there

Here we go again



The flustering

Mingde Rd. detour,

Seaweed and apple

Slices forgotten





Dawdling shoes,

These not those,

Velcro strapped,

This way, not that,

Off with the twisted

Dog helmet strap,

Scampering off,

Across muddy grass

Leave me at the gate,

Shoes, shoes,

Always late,

Shoes, shoes

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