Crickets at the Red Lantern (女娘的店)

Death by reconstituted potato-stake impalement

My old mucker, the eminent local historian Professor Rick W. Coatspill has been on at me for a while about getting the insects in. “A good arthropod,” he opines, “is not to be sniffed at.” Reckons the Indian Beer House on Bade serves up plates of crickets. Or did. Looks like the “Dinosaur,” as the Prof. preferred to call it, has gone under. Pity, I never did get to have a scoop there.

While My Old Man the Drummer was over for a couple of days recently en route from Oz, I managed to procure a plate of grilled (all right, they were fried) gryllidae at this gaff. They weren’t half bad. The Prof. had told me they tasted just like french fries. Little wonder: Turn these blighters upside down and they all have skinny potato sticks tucked lovingly up their rear ends. Nice.

The non-insect grubs were pretty decent without being anything gobsmacking. They had dragon beard veg. (龍鬚菜) , which I love and have not had in eons. No raw egg broken into it, though – a grievous oversight. 

It’s a nice enough place, with some twee decor and the boss is friendly as you like. If you’re in Tienmu and fancy some bugs, as one often does …

Red Lantern, 97 Tienmu East Rd (between Formosa 101 and Ox on the Roof bar)


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