Conveying the atrocious (review of ‘A Son of Taiwan’ for Taipei Times)

The following book review appeared in today’s Taipei Times:

Unlike Transitions in Taiwan, the previous White Terror-themed collection from Cambria, this latest anthology addresses Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) crimes head on.

In Wu Chuo-liu’s (吳濁流) almost novella-length “Potsdam Section Chief,” for example, the depiction of protagonist Fan Hanzhi’s wanton venality is unvarnished. He is shown as a traitor, informer, thief and racketeer. Lest the reader be left with the impression that Fan is an aberration, a lone wolf operating within an otherwise virtuous milieu, the story’s conclusion paints an even more disturbing picture.

Following Fan’s arrest, the investigator who tracks him down in Taiwan after a year-long search, is horrified to see his quarry’s avaricious cunning reflected in the responses of his own team.

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