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  • At the Tomb of the Wild Bull

    At the Tomb of the Wild Bull

    Boxers don’t know they’re born these days. When I was a lad, they got knocked out before breakfast and still fought another 90 rounds with a broken jaw and one arm tied behind their back. Take Luis Angel Firpo, for example. Nicknamed the “Wild Bull of the Pampas,” this Argentine heavyweight was knocked down nine […]

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  • An Exercise in Anticommunism

    An Exercise in Anticommunism

    Struggling with my on-off perennial battle to shed some flab, I was in the changing rooms of Songshan Sports Center (松山運動中心) the other morning, about to shower after a feeble effort on the track, when I heard an old man crooning away. Old men and crooning are pretty standard fare at such establishments in the […]

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  • All the Singles Ladies …

    All the Singles Ladies …

        No Hsieh Su-wei (謝淑薇) at this year’s Taipei WTA Ladies Open. Taiwan’s No.1 and the world No.25 is featured on the cover of the tournament brochure, which was presumably put together before Hsieh confirmed her place in the season-ending WTA Tournament of Champions in Sofia. The tourney is for the six highest-ranked tour winners […]

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  • Flag fiasco shameful but respect begins at home

    Flag fiasco shameful but respect begins at home

    Let’s leave aside the issues I have with the “Taiwanese” flag in the first place and start by saying this: I think the removal of the flag from Regent Street yesterday was a poor show. I’m well aware of the rules of the game(s). I’ve had to endure my copy being changed to fit the International […]

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  • Hsieh faces Sharapova

    Hsieh faces Sharapova

    Haven’t been keeping a steady eye on the tennis over the last week, but fortunately me old mucker from Blighty, Adbul McFathy, is town for an extended stay and – being a big fan of almost any type of ball bashing – he caught wind of Hsieh Su-wei’s (謝淑薇) second round win at Wimbley. Hsieh […]

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  • From 4-4-2 to 419

    From 4-4-2 to 419

    Footie is all over my brain at the mo. Halftime and we’ve barely touched the ball again. Still, at least watching England has been half interesting recently. Since I left the sceptred shores, “overpaid primadonnas” has been one of the buzzphrases used to sum up the English public’s disillusionment with football. Back in Blighty, the […]

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  • From Russia with Love (Games)

    From Russia with Love (Games)

    Maria Sharapova was in fine (hitting) form and voice last night at Taipei Arena. The world No.2 turns it down a notch in practice and on less critical points in competition, so – in scraping even the lower reaches of the screechometer in her 6-3, 6-4 exhibition win over compatriot Vera Zvonareva – she showed […]

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  • A legend in the making

    A legend in the making

    Dog-tired and run off my stubby little pins recently, I meant to stick a word or two up on this yesterday but instead collapsed into a sweaty slumber. As far back as Asia’s Ironman Yang Chuang-kwang, Taiwan has produced a smattering of world class athletes. But not until Yani Tseng has a true great emerged.  […]

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  • Taiwan take Malaysia to the wire (with a little help)

    Taiwan take Malaysia to the wire (with a little help)

    Three penalties, some lamentably uneven officiating and a genuinely sterling effort by Taiwan was not enough to send them through to second preliminary qualifying round for Brazil 2014 last night at Taipei Municipal Stadium last night.  The crowd was several times as big as any I’ve seen at the handful of matches I’ve attended, with the […]

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  • Taiwan goal glut leaves Malaysia reeling

    Taiwan goal glut leaves Malaysia reeling

    Jimmy Choo, Michelle Yeoh, Fish Leong, Mahathir Mohamad* … MAHATIR MOHAMAD: CAN YOU HEAR ME? YOUR BOYS TOOK A HELL OF A BEATING!!! Oh, all right they didn’t but at least Bigmouth B. Satiananthan now has a fair bit of danbing on his face. An away goal last night was enough to leave Taiwan needing a […]

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