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  • Crickets at the Red Lantern (女娘的店)

    Crickets at the Red Lantern (女娘的店)

    My old mucker, the eminent local historian Professor Rick W. Coatspill has been on at me for a while about getting the insects in. “A good arthropod,” he opines, “is not to be sniffed at.” Reckons the Indian Beer House on Bade serves up plates of crickets. Or did. Looks like the “Dinosaur,” as the Prof. preferred to call it, has […]

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  • Manlai Hot Spring Ramen (滿來溫泉拉麵)

    Manlai Hot Spring Ramen (滿來溫泉拉麵)

      When it comes to tucker, I’m always on the lookout for something new. This place is in my neighbourhood, up the top of the hill on the Hot Spring Rd. It’s a pleasant 10 minute walk alongside the bubbling spring from Xinbeitou MRT. There’s always a long queue, which – while it’s usually a […]

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  • Mr Jiang’s Kimchi Burger

    Mr Jiang’s Kimchi Burger

    Born in Incheon, South Korea to Chinese from Shandong who fled the civil war just before WWII, Jiang Xueli (姜學禮 ) came to Taipei in 1978 to study engineering at NTU.

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